Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Electrical Supply Distributor in NYC

For nearly 30 years, LRS Supply has been supplying businesses in New York City with the electrical supplies they depend on to keep business running.

Whether your company has needs as simple as keeping the lights on or you need someone to create an electrical system from scratch complete with breakers, switches and fixtures, we can get you the necessary supplies quickly to make sure your electrical system works properly and efficiently. Our high quality leading-edge technology products have helped contractors in the commercial, industrial and institutional sectors save on their energy bills for many years.

Electrical Supply Distributor in NYC
Hospitals, retail stores, offices, condominiums and more have all depended on LRS Supply as their Electrical Supply Distributor in NYC. They rely on us to provide them with advanced, energy efficient electrical equipment. 

We offer a wide array of state-of-the-art electrical and lighting supplies by leading electrical brands from around the the world. Our offerings include LED lighting and other green energy options that are eco-friendly and help you reduce your overall electrical costs.

Our many satisfied customers have trusted LRS Supply for more than a quarter of a decade to help them find effective and cost-efficient electrical solutions for their businesses. We have also assisted in helping out clients upgrade their entire electrical systems to be safer, easier to use and more energy efficient. We offer free shipping with every order.

If you would like to learn more about why LRS Supply should be your electrical Supply Distributor in NYC, give us a call today at (201)791-9800 or visit our website at lrssupply.com.

LRS Supply - Your reliable Electrical Supply Distributor in NYC